About Me

Hi there! Welcome to Jericho's Walking Co. webpage.

I'm glad you found me!! My name is Breanna Jones and I am a small, Central Valley based dog walking and pet sitting company. My passion and love for animals (dogs especially) grew exponentially when I encountered a rescue pup named, Jericho.                     

​Jericho was adopted from a rescue in 2013 and he left a huge pawprint on my heart. Jericho has shown me how blessed humans are to have dogs, as not just pets, but as a part of our families

I learned quickly that my guy loves to go on walks; in fact, I'm pretty certain it's his favorite thing (besides his mom) in the world! I couldn't help myself and decided I'd love nothing more than to share my love for animals with those in my community. All that Jericho has taught me about dogs and love, inspired me to open Jericho's Walking Co. 


A L P H A : 
With Jericho's Alpha Package your pup(s) will receive a satisfying walk through your local community; Your pup(s) will also enjoy a bowl of fresh water and a yummy in their tummy snack!​
30 Minutes || $15.00
60 Minutes || $25.00
O M E G A : 
With Jericho's Omega Package, your pet(s) will receive one-on-one play time with their favorite toy, a bowl of fresh water, and a nutritious and delicious snack. ​
30 Minutes || $15.00
60 Minutes || $25.00

Each additional pet to either package is an additional $5.00.

Pet Sitting

The demands of life can cause extra stress when you have a pet and must be away from home, but Jericho's Walking Co. can definitely help you with that! I love pets and I will glady care for yours!!

I am very aware that every pet and every owner has different needs; I are more than willing to make any adjustments needed.

You do not have to worry about your pet(s) any time you're away from home. Jericho's Walking Company wants you to rest assured that your pet(s) will be well taken care of! 

~Each Day Includes:​​​​​​​​​

    -2 visits (per day) & each visit can include: 
         -Water change
         -Potty break(s)
         -Poop scooping(s)

         -Medicine administration (if needed)
         -Accident clean ups (if necessary)

*Visits are approximately 60 mintues long. 

Pet sitting is based on a daily rate of $35.00. Each additonal pet is $10.00.
Consultations are about establishing ​​​​trust, and familiarity. I, as a pet owner myself, know that it is important for my clients to trust me and especially with your furry loved one(s). I believe your pup(s) should interact with me prior to their first service: establishing recognition is a priority of mine. Consultations are a chance for you and  Jericho's Walking Co. to determine if I'm a right fit for you and your pet(s)' needs!​

At a consultation, you can expect a meet and greet between you, Bre and all the fur-babes. Any questions you have will be answered, you can show Bre around, and explain your pet(s)' day-to-day routine! Lastly, there will be an insurance waiver and pet information sheet to fill out and be signed. 

Jericho's Walking Co. requires a consultation for all new clients. 

** 25% of all services (non-refundable) are to be paid at your consultation if you decide to book with Jericho's Walking Co. The remaining 75% is to be paid before or on the first day of Jericho's Walking Co. coming to your home. 


Do you carry insurance?
ABSOLUTELY. I am fully insured and licensed. 

Do you have a copy of your liability contract that I can look over?
Yes, it is attached to the footer of my webpage. Feel free to ask any questions you have about it!

My pet hasn't been through any training (obedience, agility, etc.), will you still care for them?
Totally! As long as they are people friendly, I would love to! 

Do you care for any breed of cats or dogs?
100%. I do not discriminate! 

How much experience do you have with animals?
I've been around animals my whole 23 years of life.

Is it okay if I contact you while I'm away and you're caring for my pet(s)?
Absolutely! Please text, call, e-mail me - if you're okay with multimedia messages, I love to send pet parents a little clip or snapshot of their fur-babe(s)!

What if my pet isn't routine for you?
I love that every pet has his or her own personality and quirks! In no way do I expect for each pet to be exactly like the next. Don't worry about my job being "routine" because it's not! And I love it that way! 

In regard to pet sitting, do you stay overnight?
No, I do not. I've found that most pets have a bedtime and specific sleeping area, so I don't find it necessary to stay overnight. After my hour long evening visit, I lock up and come back in the morning. 

Why do you require a 25% deposit?
It ensures that the dates you'd like booked are reserved in my calendar due to a high volume of inquires - sometimes I have to turn others away if dates overlap!
209.312.0620 || jerichowalkingco@gmail.com
Inquiries are taken and repsonded to Monday through Saturday between 8:00am and 8:00pm. 
Send Me A Message
Thank you for stopping by and being interested in allowing me to care for your pet(s). If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via phone, e-mail, or the form below. I will get back to you as soon as I can!